What do you understand by structured settlements?

It is basically the payment which is usually made to a person who has suffered an injury as a result of the negligence of the defendant and has now filed a claim. The basic payment options of a structured settlement plan can be once a month, quarterly, half yearly or even annually.

A basic idea of the periodic payment plan

Structured settlement which is also known as periodic payment is a good payment plan in cases of injuries. For a claimant it acts as a financial protection which also has certain tax benefits and in case of the payee the advantage is that he or she gets to pay off this huge amount conveniently.  The main feature of periodic payment is that it helps you to break the payment and pay it throughout the lifetime of the person concerned.  In most of the cases payments are disbursed regularly and in the remaining cases a lump sum amount is paid in advance and the balance is paid at periodic intervals. And in cases where the claimant dies the balance amount is paid to his or her family members.


Periodic payment is a powerful monetary tool designed solely for the injured people. The reason why government had introduced this plan is because most of the injured people when they get a lump sum amount in hand tend to spend it before there is any such requirement. The various financial advantages are:

  • You are entitled to assured payments throughout your lifetime.
  • Total exemption from any kind of taxes.
  • Scope of personalized planning with professional consultants so that you can meet both your present and future financial requirements.
  • No risk of any kind of monetary loss.


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